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UKFast, the parent company of VerdeGreen(UK) was founded in 1999 by Lawrence Jones and his wife Gail. The company was set up after Lawrence and Gail experienced below par hosting services themselves. Believing they could do better, they set up UKFast; now a major player in the UK hosting solutions market.

UKFast's vision from the start has been to deliver top quality hosting with a focus on impeccable customer service. It is this focus that has set UKFast apart from its rivals and allowed the company to grow as quickly as it has.

Today, UKFast has over 115 members working in all areas of internet provision; sales, network, technical support, R&D, communications and marketing. UKFast has won numerous awards for their service and are proud to be in the Sunday Times 100 best Companies to Work for.

UKFast and VerdeGreen(UK) Floral/Plant Designers had worked together for a number of years. When Clair Fitton made the decision to take a career break in 2010, she realised, along with co-owner, Dave Fitton, that Lawrence would be the perfect fit to fill the void. Lawrence jumped at the opportunity to bring his expertise to the table with typical enthusiasm.

In September 2010, VerdeGreen(UK) was launched and continues to grow, supported by the passion of the two directors.



Please visit www.ukfast.co.uk to find out more.


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