About Dave

Dave Fitton – Company director & fully qualified horticulturalist

Dave has brought a competitive edge to VerdeGreen(UK) utilising his passion for Interior Landscaping.

He has been involved in the Horticultural Industry from the age of 16, after completing a full time college course in Horticultural and Landscape Design.

Following work in Commercial Horticulture Garden Centre Sales, Dave utilised his Landscape Design skills and gained invaluable experience sourcing plant material. His knowledge of plants coupled with a love for design saw Dave move into the Interior Landscape Industry within the following 5 years, maintaining all types of displays within a variety of buildings.

After 4 years of gaining experience within a successful and renowned company, Dave wanted to branch out and do his own thing. This time he joined forces with Clair, who was an old friend, to build VerdeGreen(UK) into a company that matched a shared vision. Dave subsequently introduced the Interior Landscape section of the business to great effect.

During his time at VerdeGreen(UK), Dave has been featured as a consultant on a series of television programmes called Surprise Gardeners on Granada, and also presented 10-minute slots on programmes of a similar nature.

Dave is committed to building VerdeGreen(UK), and is witness to its continued growth as the leading Interior Landscape Company in the UK.


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