Benefits of Plants

More than just good looking

Plants in an office not only look great, they also offer financial and cost saving benefits.

Research has shown that plants have a soothing effect, particularly for those who sit behind a computer screen for more than four hours a day. This effect promotes improved concentration and an increase in productivity by as much as 12%.

Interior planting has also been found to decrease complaints of minor ailments, such as dry throats, headaches and blocked sinuses, by up to 25%

Interior planting helps decrease absenteeism and increase productivity by impacting the environment in a number of ways:

Cleaner indoor air – Plants absorb toxins through their leaves and their growing medium. They also release oxygen for us to breathe.

Improved humidity – Increased humidity levels make us more at ease. Plants return over 90% of all the water we give them back into the atmosphere, increasing humidity.

Noise reduction - Studies have found plants absorb noise through their leaves, therefore stifling noise waves.

Lower Stress Levels – Research has shown that the physical signs of stress, e.g. pulse rate and blood pressure, were reduced in people working in an area with plants.

Conserve energy – Plants create their own mini micro-climate around them as they absorb heat, reducing the amount of air conditioning needed.


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